Wellness W.r.k.s...LLC -  Let The Healing Begin
The Healing Work
Wellness In the Workplace
Wellness in The Workplace workshop and trainings are designed to create a culture of wellness in your agency or corporation. This is experienced best in a “Top down approach” The workshops and trainings are designed to empower administration, management and employees to recognize their widest spectrum of potential and leadership
Wellness W.R.K.S. LLC uses creative interactive tools to allow participants to explore issues of self-care in the workplace. This in turn assist in increasing job performance and lifestyle management. The workshops primary objectives are:
 ** To increase an awareness of the need for self-care and well-being
     in the workplace.
 **  To assist with conflict transformation and participants positive
      interactions when facilitating change and re-organizing
      company structure.
Wellness W.R.K.S. llc  provides program consultation and train the trainer in the following areas: Training and Workshop Facilitation, DiversityTraining & Cross Cultural Communication, Conflict Transformation,Re-Motivation and Lifestyle Management.
Wellness W.R.K.S llc also provides a variety of experiential  workshops for Challenging Issues in  self care, 
self-esteem/self-worth/self-confidence,  social skills,
 in-appropriate behavior,  anger/stress management, communication,concentration/focus, , life skills, spiritual health, behavioral health (i.e. depression, substance abuse, sexual health.) lack of physical and motivational leisure activities. Addressing Challenges in healing workshops such as; Wellness/Ancient Therapies Education, Social Activities, Character Development, Violence Prevention, Conflict Transformation, Anger/Stress Reduction Activities, Empowerment, Assertiveness Training, Leadership, Lifestyle Management, Life Skills (i.e. money management, time management, activities of daily living), Leisure/Outdoor Education, Goal Setting, Decision Making, Physical Activities, Healthy Eating, Sexual Health Education, Spiritual Growth, and Creative/Emotional Intelligence activities. The workshop experience will provide interactive activities to encourage creative learning.